Speaking Engagements

I am speaking this Saturday at a writer’s conference.  Oct 18th.

Guests can still get in at last months’ prices by going to the club rate here:
Or they can still get the 2-for-1 rate here:
Additionally, as faculty you are each entitled to a free guest. Please supply their names to us by end of day Monday. If they are a writer, we would also appreciate their contact information.
Additionally, we would like you to offer a free scholarship or two to deserving clients, who should attend this conference, but just can’t afford anything. Seriously. Simply award them the prize on your behalf and have them fill out the form here, listing you as sponsor:
These are not to be given out lightly, but we appreciate your appearance and have found that if you can award a scholarship to a worthy writer, the feeling is priceless.
I understand there’s a promo give-a-way
We plan to give away a number of books, bags, pens and other goodies. If you would like to contribute anything from one free or discounted service, to a free trip to Hawaii (hey, it could happen) please let us know. We will provide attendees with raffle tickets and have random drawings before each of the keynote addresses. Email me with anything you can supply (1-150)
If you have a single-sheet you want in the swag bag, you must bring it to the campus for our stuffing party, either Thursday at 4:00pm or Friday at 12:00 noon. No, we don’t stuff for you, sorry.
Where do we park if we are an exhibitor loading in?
There is limited parking directly behind Campus Center where you can quickly unload, then park in the lots on Oxnard Street. There is a new multi-story parking lot diagonally behind Campus Center which we hope will be open by the conference and available for our use. We will keep you posted.
Where does Faculty check in?

When you enter the campus center (south entrance) bypass the first desk (Attendee Registration) and go to the second desk (Faculty Registration) which will have your credentials, schedule, etc.

Is there free wi-fi?
Yes, we will have a sign in the GREEN ROOM with the username and password.
More to come…

Also November 12, I will be speaking at U C Riverside. Contact Susan St. Peters at for more info.

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