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Red Sea, Dead Sea – original cost $20/ cost for fans $14 plus postage

The first of three stories from St. Martin’s Press

GENRE:    Comedic mystery –RED SEA, DEAD SEA is Romancing the Stone on Social Security /TAG:  Look out James Bond, here comes Fanny Zindel!

Comps: Cocoon meets Red

LOGLINE: – When an adventuresome Jewish grandmother travels to Israel in search of her errant granddaughter she finds herself embroiled in an international fraud scam where she has to evade a charismatic wily Mossad agent in order to find the truth and falls in love.

SYNOPSIS:  Fanny Zindel isn’t happy.  On her first trip to the Holy Land, she’d rather tour the home of her ancestors with her granddaughter Susan than convince the headstrong young girl into returning to her English boarding school.  But Fanny has promised to try. 

In addition, Fanny’s determined to find out about her brother Albert’s suspicious death in Israel some thirty years earlier.  It’s time to discover if there is any truth to rumors of her brother’s disgrace. 

Helping a nervous young man to get a standby seat on her flight, soon leads to a harrowing adventure involving forgery, espionage, kidnapping, the Dead Sea Scrolls, murder and enough action to turn Fanny’s holiday into a case of look out James Bond, here comes Fanny Zindel.

In the process she rescues her granddaughter from terrorists and ends up getting an offer to work for Mosad – as well as developing a relationship with agent NATHAN WEISS.

Logan’s Land
Original cost $17, cost for fans $12 plus postage

Genre:   Western suspense with a female protagonist:

Logan’s Land – A&K Books

Logline: In the 1890s, a city-born girl flees to western Montana’s Robber Baron country to search for her missing treasury agent brother whom she fears has been murdered only to realize her investigation puts her in danger even as she falls in love with the prime suspect.

 Synopsis of Logan’s Land –

After a disastrous employment as a governess in Chicago, Elisa Edwards flees the city to find her twin, Elliot, whom she hasn’t heard from in over a year. All she knows is that he’s in Ruby, Montana and he had worked for a man named Logan James and that he’s found gold.

Fearful of her future, she takes the stagecoach in hopes of finding Elliot. Nearing the town, the stage is stopped by the sheriff and two men – Logan and Morgan James. They search for a red headed murderer of a federal official and believe the killer to be Elliot.  Elisa gives a fake name even as Logan James stares her down.

Arriving in the town, she goes to the telegram office. Did her brother pick up the message that she was coming here? Old Alice who runs the office befriends her and says that someone picked it up – she doesn’t recall who – but it wasn’t Elliot. In fact, he hasn’t been around for weeks.

She learns that many of the homesteaders are being burnt out of their lands by the Robber Barons – namely the James Brothers. They controlled the land in the immediate area and planned to take even more.

Suspecting that Logan knows more about her brother’s disappearance than he’s admitting to and in an effort to save the town, she takes a job at his isolated ranch to teach his young daughter.

Then she discovers she might be falling in love with the very man she suspects of killing her brother, Elliot. 

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