pic3Promises Maid – Based on the award winning short, inspired by Proverbs 24, and formerly part of the 168 film festival, this feature deals with a young immigrant maid who, when seeing a crime being committed in the family she serves, must decide if her good name, and the life of her charge, is worth more than the riches she receives.

One day Amber Deegan learned of the “Faith N Film Summit’s” 168 Hour Film Project and wanted to participate. Here is the essential nature of the project. You pick a biblical proverb and then you have exactly 168 hours or one week to write the script, cast the film, shoot the film, do post production and deliver a finished short film to the festival. The world was stunned when the great classic “Casablanca” was shot in eight weeks from an existing script, but doing all of that in 168 hours is just plain crazy. Do keep in mind that Amber simply does not back down from a challenge so off she went to “The Table” an organization that connects creative people. Through the table Amber Deegan was introduced to Serita Stevens. They discussed the project and agreement was reached and it was game on.

The end result while not a fully polished product was and is nonetheless a true miracle of film making, especially when viewed within the context of having to do it all from start to finish in a mere 168 hours. Come on Spielberg I dare you. What the short “Promises Maid” shows is a powerful soul wrenching story that has far more than enough true strength to become a major feature film with wide release. Already Serita Stevens is working on the script for the feature and Amber Deegan is doing all she can to make sure it not only gets produced but ultimately distributed in worldwide theatrical release. Wow Ron, slow down here a second. That is a huge ambition rarely achieved. Yes I know that but if there has ever been someone in my acquaintance who can achieve it it is Amber Deegan with the help of Serita Stevens.